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[2017-12-09]Advanced diagnostics in pressure transmitters avoid closure

questionIn an FCC unit of an oil refinery, a key variable has sufficient cycles to maintain this pro……[Learn more]

[2017-12-09]The application of transmitter in fluidized catalytic cracki

The FCC device is the most complex and dynamic part of the refinery. The reaction-regeneration confi……[Learn more]

[2017-12-05]The first big coal-fired power plant in the china-pakistan e

MaiDeSheng electric recently learned that the China power construction group co., LTD., investment o……[Learn more]


On September 14, "popular science China - green nuclear science exhibition" opened at the China scie……[Learn more]

[2017-09-15]China can build meizhou bay million thermal power project wo

The 30th world conference on international project management was held in astana, capital of kazakhs……[Learn more]

[2017-09-15]China has signed a project contract for the Iberian hydropow

On September 11th Mr Madewin learned that China's electric power company had signed a contract with ……[Learn more]

[2017-08-31]The production base of the largest hydrogenation catalyst in

MaiDeSheng electrical learned recently, Asia's largest production base of hydrogenation catalyst - d……[Learn more]

[2017-08-29]Construction of the first

The two units of the Yangtze river, which is designed and constructed by China's electric power cons……[Learn more]

[2017-08-28]CNPC accelerated the industrialization process of natural ga

MaiDeSheng electric recently learned that the ministry of land and resources, the people's governmen……[Learn more]

[2017-08-28]Guodian group and shenhua group corporation implemented a jo

News of the latest news: China guodian corporation and shenhua group co., LTD. Have been approved by……[Learn more]

[2017-08-15]CNPC will complete the corporate restructuring by the end of

In oil and gas group company announced on August 14, the group company restructuring work meeting, C……[Learn more]

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