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CNPC will complete the corporate restructuring by the end of



In oil and gas group company announced on August 14, the group company restructuring work meeting, CNPC is put forward and its subordinate enterprise owned by the whole people should be completed before the end of November 2017 full company restructuring.

China's executive director of enterprise institute at edmond lee analysis, with the company's efforts to promote and complete the transformation, the oil group in the aspect of asset securitization will speed up further, upstream and downstream oil and gas exploration, mining, marketing, etc open also there will be a big action.

The majority of sub-enterprises have been completed

According to CNPC's 14 news, the group was clearly put forward company restructuring work conference, group and its subordinate enterprise owned by the whole people should be completed before the end of November 2017 full company restructuring.

CNPC vice general manager Mr. Xu, in recent years, CNPC business restructuring, vigorously promote compression legal entities, especially by CPC engineering, medium oil, capital restructuring, such as have finished most of the corporate restructuring. At present, the oil is actively exploring the new development model of enterprise and the local convergence, and xinjiang, sichuan, shaanxi and other local governments and state-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises and social capital, in oil and gas exploration and exploitation, oil refining, chemical industry, oil sales in areas such as joint venture cooperation.

On July 27, petrochina wang yilin, chairman of the leading cadre conference pointed out that in 2017 China's oil, to continue deepening the reform of market mechanism, including promoting internal marketization of product and service prices, actively participate in oil and gas pipeline network operation marketization, absorb the pluralistic investment in oil and gas pipelines and other infrastructure construction and promote the fair and open. In the second half of the year, we should focus on comprehensively completing the reform of the corporate system, continue to promote the professional restructuring, and actively yet prudently advance the reform of mixed ownership.

Change the focus of the work in the second half of the year

Edmond lee in an interview with the China securities journal reporter said that mix change has become the second half of 2017, one of the focus of petroleum and petrochemical enterprises, in the first half of the mixed change from asset securitization, through private placements and stock transfer methods such as mixed with what, three aspects at the same time promote the internal employee ownership, state-owned enterprises is the focus of asset securitization, and with the company restructuring, asset securitization is expected to speed up.

"At the same time, at least one of the three major oil companies will be included in the pilot project. In the second half of the year, the gradual opening of oil and gas exploration, exploitation and distribution of the plate will be implemented, and corresponding measures will be introduced in succession. Li jin said.

The implementation plan for the reform of the corporate system in central enterprises has been implemented and implemented. According to the plan request, the end of 2017, a central enterprise under the administration of the state-owned assets supervision and regulation to all restructured into limited liability company or joint stock limited company, speed up the formation of effective checks and balances of corporate governance structure and flexible and efficient market operation mechanism.

"At present, the reform of state-owned enterprises has been promoted at the level of secondary and tertiary subsidiaries. The reason is that many of the central enterprise groups are still owned by the whole people. "Whether it is listed, mixed or diversified ownership, corporate system is a prerequisite," li said.

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