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[2017-10-08]McDerwin: intelligent measurement and control technology and

Measurement and control technology and apparatus are research information acquisition and processing……[Learn more]

[2017-09-30]2017 McDerwin electric National Day Mid-Autumn festival doub

According to the regulations of the 2017 national holiday, and combining the actual situation of the……[Learn more]

[2017-08-21]He went to kunshan to study the new production line

On August 20, 2017, the executive director, engineering manager and accountant li luxuriant of the e……[Learn more]

[2017-08-10]The company went to shandong green energy research pressure

On August 9, 2017, shandong regional manager li Ming and anhui regional manager can bao-lin zhou com……[Learn more]

[2017-08-04]The MCD intelligent pressure transmitter is sent to the Inne

Sent to the end user in Inner Mongolia, east group, a group of intelligent pressure transmitter has ……[Learn more]

[2017-07-24]The power circle meeting (second stop) is held at huabei ele

On July 22, 2017, the national electric power circuit exchange circle industry in north China electr……[Learn more]

[2017-07-21]A line of petrochemical companies to research and guide the

On the afternoon of July 21, 2017, the Chinese petrochemical enterprise line personnel to MaiDeSheng……[Learn more]

[2017-07-18]The application of the auxiliary pressure transmitter in wux

Jiangsu petrochemical machinery and equipment bidding venezuela desalination project the project one……[Learn more]

[2017-07-10]McDerwin electric is researching the South Asia plastic fact

On July 8, 2017, a line of staff of madewin electric (China) co., LTD., led by the executive directo……[Learn more]

[2017-07-04]President xi jinping meets with Russian President vladimir p

Xinhua Moscow on July 3 (xinhua liu hua Zhu Dongyang) 3 night local time, President xi jinping has j……[Learn more]

[2017-06-30]The functional characteristics of McGovern communication man

The communication manager can also be called a protocol converter, which is to convert other intelli……[Learn more]

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