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"Science China - green nuclear science expo" opened at the China science and technology museum in Beijing, the company learned on September 14. Different from the professional exhibitions in the nuclear field, the exhibition is themed with popular science and more oriented towards the public. At the same time, in the form of exhibition, focusing on major projects and important technological achievements, we have focused on the achievements made in the application of nuclear energy and nuclear technology in China in recent years. The opening ceremony by the vice President of China nuclear society, a member of the nuclear group chief engineer LeiZengGuang host, Xu Yanhao, vice President of China association for science and technology, vice director of the national energy administration bowwah lau, academician of Chinese academy of sciences, honorary President of the Chinese society of nuclear nai-yan wang attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

"Nuclear energy is low-carbon, safe and efficient high quality clean energy source, is the important component of China's energy development strategy, the optimization of energy structure, protect the ecological environment is playing a more and more important role, in order to ensure the security of energy supply in our country, promote the development of civil-military integration depth and made important contribution to the national comprehensive competitiveness." At the opening ceremony, liu baohua pointed out that this exhibition is a good opportunity. Should make full use of this platform, do a better job of nuclear power and the popular science knowledge propaganda and public communication, enhance public rational recognition on nuclear power, to improve nuclear safety confidence, let the public know more about nuclear power, nuclear power, nuclear power.

The exhibition closely around national science day "innovation driven development, science and dispel ignorance", the theme of the spread of "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing" concept of development, promotion of nuclear science and technology innovation and development and its role in promoting economic and social development. In terms of content, the exhibition highlight the forefront of nuclear science and technology and industrial revolution, the content including "hualong" number one nuclear power technology, high temperature gas cooled reactor nuclear power technology, CAP1400, experimental fast reactor, fusion device and nuclear technology application, etc. In terms of display, in addition to the traditional material object, model, multimedia display and interactive experience, there are online and other ways to interact with the public, and the concern of the public questions. The exhibition epitomizes the nuclear science and technology in power development, improve people's livelihood of new progress and new achievements, enhance the public to nuclear science and technology, nuclear safety and nuclear emergency management understanding and trust, to promote the development of the "nuclear" security and peaceful use of create a good social atmosphere.

The exhibition is jointly organized by China nuclear power development center, China nuclear society, China nuclear group and China nuclear construction group. The exhibition is in the exhibition hall of the China science and technology museum. It will be open to the public for free for one month.

Practice to implement the general secretary of the "science and technology in the past year three will be" on the important speech spirit, the China association for science and technology this year, the national energy administration, national atomic energy agency (iaea), the national nuclear safety administration joint nuclear enterprises and institutions, the local association for science and technology and the news media, throughout the country launched the "China - green nuclear theme science activities". This exhibition is an important part of "popular science China - green nuclear science popularization" and is also an important part of this year's Beijing home games. (wen/shadow yue)

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