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The first phase of the karakuli gas field in uzbekistan was

       MaiDeSheng electrical learned (reporter ying-ying ma Yuan Lian) on December 4, uzbekistan kara library first phase of the project put into production, the gas field in the uri of the ancient silk road city of bukhara Carla cooley, the site of the project, this year marks the "area" of international cooperation in May after the peak BBS bilateral first cooperation project.




Ukraine's state oil company, first deputy chairman of the west quarter he attend the launch ceremony and delivered a speech, said the close cooperation of Ukraine's state oil company and China petroleum is the highlight of bilateral mutually beneficial cooperation, to thank all parties to contribute to this project, believe that with the joint efforts of both sides in the Ukraine, all subsequent engineering will put into production on schedule.

Chinese ambassador to Ukraine Sun Lijie production at the ceremony, points out that the project formally put into production will not only further deepen the energy cooperation between the two countries, but also in the uri of the two sides agreed to carry out the two heads of state jointly, hope the project can improve local fiscal revenue, increase labor jobs, add new vigor to bukhara state economic development.

Authorized by group chairman wang yilin, overseas exploration and development company, senior vice President of Wang Zhongcai represent China's oil production ceremony, and promised to do next project, the project made a safe, environmental protection, project benefits, not only has good returns to the shareholders' investment, and can lead to the development of local economy and society.

Carla cooley, project by China petroleum engineering construction co., LTD. (CPECC) general contractor, owner of China petroleum and national oil company jointly funded the new silk road oil and gas co., LTD. The project contains three gasfields of sisha, xiji and dongarat, with a maximum annual output of 1 billion cubic meters.

Due to various reasons, the first phase of the project was shortened from 18 months to eight months, which was the shortest project in the construction history of the EPC project and the construction process was particularly difficult. The process of construction, CPECC top-down support, CPECC subsidiary carefully planning as a whole, strictly implement the schedule, nervous, after eight months clock on November 30, project to aerate production conditions.

Kara library project has important political and economic significance, is not only "area" initiative in uzbekistan landing in China's landmark project, is also the first upstream cooperation project, paid close attention to by the two governments. At the same time, the production of the project marks the early stage of China's oil exploration and investment into the recycling stage, which is of great economic significance.

It is understood that the gas produced by the karakuli gas field will be transported to China via the central Asian gas pipeline. After all the projects are put into operation, a billion cubic meters of resources will be added to China every year to further increase the domestic gas market.

The deputy governor of the state of bukhara, the local elders, and the relevant principals of the new silk road oil and gas company, zhongwu gas pipeline, CPECC and other relevant units participated in the commissioning ceremony.

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