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China has signed a project contract for the Iberian hydropow

On September 11th Mr Madewin learned that China's electric power company had signed a contract with Bolivia's state power company to sign the Iberian hydropower project under the witness of Bolivia's President, evo morales. China construction will add another 100 meters high dam for Bolivia! China's electricity construction will also help Bolivia to contribute to the "national plan" of the South American energy center.

At the signing ceremony, President morales confirmed China's achievements in building projects under construction in Bolivia. He points out that the central section of cochabbah will become the national energy centre in Bolivia, and the Iberian hydropower station will play an important role in the construction of the whole energy center.

The Iberian Sue a hydropower project is located in cochabamba Bolivia province carrasco city, willy su river upstream national forest park, about 118 km from cochabamba city, with a total installed capacity of nearly 280000 kw, which is divided into four blocks. Hydropower fourth among them, the group is responsible for bid Ⅰ RCC gravity dam construction. Hydropower is responsible for bid Ⅱ ten game diversion tunnel engineering construction.

With an average altitude of more than 3,000 metres, Bolivia is the world's highest plateau country. Since entering the market in 2011, China has carried out nine projects with over us $1 billion in contracts, involving hydropower, wind power and infrastructure. Over the years, we have committed to the high altitude, the "life project", which has been recognized and well documented in the country. In addition, the mixikui dam, SAN jose hydropower station and other projects have been built in cochabbba province.

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