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       The two units of the Yangtze river, which is designed and constructed by China's electric power construction, have been put into operation, the company has learned recently. At the same time, the elephant trunk hill first phase photovoltaic project in the same period, as the main construction unit, the group's three innings of water and electricity, water and electricity eight innings, guiyang institute staff phalanx, respectively, participated in the production of ceremony, marks the first "above the complementary" agriculture in guizhou photovoltaic power station project is put into commercial operation.

Elephant trunk hill hydropower station is the second highest RCC double-curvature arch dam, the kraal river on the border between guizhou weining map and huize county of yunnan province, the reservoir dam is 141.5 meters high, the volume of 810000 cubic meters of RCC and normal storage level of 1405 meters, the reservoir total capacity of 263 million cubic meters, adjust the capacity of 169 million cubic meters, average capacity of 930 million KWH for years. Power station, designed by China academy of surveying and designing the turbine belongs to guiyang hydropower dam in civil engineering, three hydropower eight innings of dam monitoring engineering, guizhou engineering company bear the first phase of the elephant trunk hill, 50 mw photovoltaic power station project above the complementary agriculture.

Complementary "above the complementary" is water, light, with its complementary, relying on the hydroelectric generating set of rapid adjustment and regulation of hydropower station reservoir ability, adjust the active power of the photovoltaic power station, "above the complementary power generation", to achieve a smooth, stable power generation curve, make photovoltaics comparable to those of hydroelectric power quality. "Above the complementary" project based on hydropower station sends out the channel, can not only save investment, and can improve the utilization rate of lines all adopt the imported transducer measurement, at the same time around the living quarters for photovoltaic mode agricultural development, not only realize the comprehensive utilization of land, and to improve the local energy structure, the power precision poverty alleviation have positive promoting effect.

In May 2012, the project department kept pushing forward the project construction process in the face of objective reasons, such as the initial land expropriation and the "four-way one level". On December 31, 2014, the main river was cut off, and the water diversion tunnel was stored under the diversion tunnel on April 26, 2017, and the first unit was connected to the grid on July 23.

In different stages of the project department chief engineer hua-bing li said, projects around the node targets, inversion period, several effective measures are taken, on roller compacted concrete pouring up 17 m in height, 2016 casting height of 2016 meters, created the company RCC double-curvature arch dam construction records. Project department to conduct researches in the construction, the basalt aggregate in the application of RCC double-curvature arch dam, the hyperbolic arch dam fast measuring lofting system such as a large number of scientific and technological achievements provides technology support for the project construction.

According to projects department Hu Fuan total quality inspection division, in the face of China's second high RCC arch dam of complicated structure, high technical requirements, concrete, such as the strict quality and appearance quality, project department, from the perspective of the raw material control, strengthen the process quality control, carrying out QC activities, vigorously promotes the temperature control and maintenance, and strive to put every process to achieve excellence, engineering quality by owners and several national quality supervision station spoke highly of the quality inspection group.

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