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The first big coal-fired power plant in the china-pakistan e

       MaiDeSheng electric recently learned that the China power construction group co., LTD., investment of the construction of the "china-pakistan economic corridor" first landing energy project - Pakistan port qasim coal-fired power station first held a grand ceremony of generating units, which marks the fire power station formally put into production power generation.


Vision of the qasim power station


Port qasim coal-fired power station project is located in Pakistan's sindh province about 37 kilometers southeast of Karachi, port industrial park, is China's turbine with the qatari royal family AMC company according to the ratio of 51% : 49% mixed ownership of the construction of the investment project, together with a total investment of $2.085 billion, the construction of two 660 mw supercritical unit, the construction period of 36 months. On April 20, 2015, under the testimony of the leaders of China and Pakistan, signed the implementation agreement and the electric purchase agreement. Two units will be all for commercial operation in 2018, the annual output of about 9 billion degrees online, can meet the demand of local 4 million homes in Pakistan, can alleviate the power shortage in Pakistan, and Pakistan electric energy structure adjustment and reduce power generation cost, ease the contradiction between supply and demand, and promote the construction of infrastructure and economic growth, improve people's livelihood, etc, have a profound impact.

The plant will be able to adapt to the hot climate in Pakistan and ensure that the hot season can produce enough electricity to keep the grid stable. The power station was designed for the first time in Pakistan coal fired power plant design APS a key stop function, with high automatic control ability; The FCB "small island operation" function is designed in the power plant, which has the ability to quickly restore the grid operation within 15 minutes after the power grid side failure. Coal-fired power plants in Pakistan for the first time using water desalination as factory production, living water, realizing the zero discharge waste water factory fresh water for the first time, comprehensive utilization of all fresh water sewage wastewater recycling; The unit adopts limestone-gypsum wet desulfurization to meet the environmental protection standards of Pakistan and the world bank.

Construction process, the Chinese in turbine adhere to the "ShuDeHua" management idea, provides the local engineers, technicians, labor workers and logistics service jobs such as drivers, scullery BaJi project peak more than 4000 employees, effectively boost the local employment, improve the residents' living conditions. The project indirectly promotes the supply of materials, equipment transportation and other industries, and effectively promotes the development of local economy and society. All the power stations are made in China, which directly leads to China's "go out" of more than 7 billion yuan. Plant in 2016 the first batch of excellent graduates recruited 100 Pakistan, after six months of training in China, has been assigned to the qasim power plant operation maintenance work positions. The kassim power station will become a training base for Pakistan's thermal power generation talents to develop and deliver a large number of talents for the development of Pakistan's electricity and energy business.

In recent years, China has in turbine practice "area" initiative, actively participate in the "china-pakistan economic corridor" infrastructure construction projects and Pakistan, bear the Pakistan sashi anwar coal-fired power stations, large wind power station, the biggest hydropower plant in Pakistan, Bella. 4 hydropower station, installed the largest gas-fired power stations of Hector willy combined cycle gas power station, the largest wind farm in wind power projects such as tenet Ken Boston.

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