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The production base of the largest hydrogenation catalyst in

       MaiDeSheng electrical learned recently, Asia's largest production base of hydrogenation catalyst - dalian sinopec catalyst hydrogenation catalyst production base and supporting device in the successful completion, has started to related to production preparation.

This project is located in dalian lushunkou three jian fort industrial park, covers an area of about 330 mu, the first phase of the construction project main content including Asia's largest hydrogenation catalyst of form a complete set of production line and substation, air compressor station, water purification, circulating water yards, wastewater treatment, solid materials, liquid raw material storage warehouse system, finished goods warehouse, accessories, and other utility systems and production management center and other auxiliary facilities.

Device adopted new technology, new automatic continuous level is high, and can meet the demand of users on a large scale and temporary use agent, the new device also for the future product quality more stable and laid a solid foundation. Catalyst dalian base hydrogenation catalyst production technology comes from fuyan hospital. The project construction adopts the design, procurement and construction contract bidding method. As of the end of July 2017, the overall construction progress was 98.25%. After the start, the project safety, the quality accident is zero.

With the rapid development of the domestic oil clean technology, in recent years the domestic expansion or new refinery hydrogenation unit will successively putting-in-service proactively, hydrotreating capacity will increase, the demand for hydrogenation catalyst increased sharply, the construction of new hydrogenation catalyst production device is necessary. In the next few years, the market demand for domestic refining and hydrogenation catalysts is expected to exceed 40,000 tons/year. Catalyst fushun branch current hydrogenation catalyst production capacity is insufficient, because now the factory has no right to use construction land, not expansion, therefore with dalian petrochemical research institute of sinopec catalyst company planning, new hydrogenation catalyst production base in dalian in liaoning province.

At present, the catalyst dalian base is working on the project's single test vehicle and DCS system (including transmitter, safety grid, etc.) to prepare for the commissioning test. (li shenggui)

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