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CNPC accelerated the industrialization process of natural ga

MaiDeSheng electric recently learned that the ministry of land and resources, the people's government of guangdong province, China national petroleum corporation signed in Beijing the advance the god of the south China sea fox Marine gas hydrate exploration drilling pilot test area construction strategic cooperation agreement ", the strategic cooperation agreement signed, indicates that gas hydrates exploration and development enterprise of our country has entered a new stage.

It is known that under the joint efforts of the three parties, in May this year China petroleum natural gas hydrate stability of stopes in god fox waters have been implemented, obtains the longest, the largest amount of gas, flow stability, environmental security and so on many significant breakthrough, industrialization development took a key step to gas hydrate.

According to introducing, next, the Chinese oil group will develop key engineering technology research for exploration and breakthrough dessert identification as soon as possible, the branch horizontal well drilling and well completion and reservoir sand control technology problem, lift to participate in the pre-production industrial field test, to improve the single well production, reduce the exploration cost, effectively protect the environment, make "flammable ice," the future strategic alternative energy of oil, natural gas, in promoting China's energy security, optimize the energy structure to play a more important role. It lays the foundation for the industrialization of natural gas hydrate. The MDSGP100 series intelligent pressure transmitter is also expected to be used in the exploration and exploitation of gas hydrates.

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