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He went to kunshan to study the new production line

On August 20, 2017, the executive director, engineering manager and accountant li luxuriant of the electric (China) co., ltd. inspected the high-tech industrial park in kunshan, jiangsu province.

Mao-sheng li listening to kunshan high-tech industrial park, after the introduction of the leadership and the related department, detailed consulting the function of this area in the industry positioning, planning and related preferential policies, and to visit the office buildings in the construction. Mao-sheng li thanked the kunshan give MaiDeSheng electric's support, and expressed his will as much as possible to promote MaiDeSheng electric (China) co., LTD. Of intelligent pressure transmitter, isolation type safety barrier the new production line project in kunshan, at the same time, hope the local government support MaiDeSheng electrical land, finance, etc. All the work. The whole research work was supported by the park.

The company finance director, the head of the preparatory group, and the company planning department and the related personnel of kunshan liaison department.

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