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The isolation security grid installation notices what matter

Installation note:

. A safety barrier shall be installed in a safe place, installation location may not have a strong mechanical vibration, impact, and end from signal, and the space of large current of the power end, spark and high voltage induction, must not be found in the air to metal, plastic gas in one of the serious corrosion.

2. The wiring wires of the safety grid (blue end) and the non-benanside circuit shall be laid separately in the wired slot, and separate protective sleeves shall be used respectively. Other power lines shall not be allowed in the wiring sleeve of the benan side, including the power lines used by other benan circuits.

3. The wire to the dangerous site should be used in blue benan wires. The soft copper area of the wire must be greater than 0.5mm2 and the insulation strength should be 500V.

Four. When electricity debugging was carried out on the safety barrier, must pay attention to safety barrier isolation type model, wiring method and circuit polarity are conform to the requirements of the design and the product, or may cause harm to personal and equipment.

It is strictly forbidden to test the insulation strength between the safety grid terminals. If the insulation strength of the system is to be checked, all wires should be disconnected first, otherwise it may cause damage to the internal circuit of the security gate.

6. The field instruments connected with the security fence shall be the instrument of explosion proof test and explosion-proof certificate in the state explosion-proof department.

7. If the damage to the internal module of the safety grid needs to be replaced, it shall be repaired jointly with the manufacturer, and the operation shall be resumed after maintenance.

8. The installation, use and maintenance of the safety grid shall be strictly followed in accordance with the relevant provisions of gb3836.15-2000, the electrical installation (except coal mines) of hazardous sites in part 15 of electrical equipment for the explosive gas environment.

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