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MCD: special signal isolator conversion module technology fo


The MDSC318E- c020-n pulse converter isolator conversion module is the guide mounting type, the base and host can be separated and inserted, and the installation and maintenance is simple. Series product variety, can handle 4-20 ma current industrial voltage pulse signal is converted to 24 v / 0 v various range of frequency signal output, products widely used wind power industry, effectively convert wind electricity places need special frequency signal.

Technical indicators

Working power: 20~30VDC

Power consumption: less than or less than 1.2w (1 in 1)

Less than or equal to 1.8W (1 in 2 out)

Input signal: dc voltage or current

Input impedance, voltage input, or 500 k Ω

Current input, 200 or less Ω

Output signal: 24V/0V voltage pulse

High level 16~ 30V, low level 0~5V

Output signal: 5V/0V voltage pulse

High level 3.5~5.5 V, low level 0~0.5V

Output signal: passive pulse (collector opening)

The circuit current is less than 30mA, and the circuit voltage is less than 30V

Pulse width: greater than or equal to 10us

Frequency range: 0.1Hz~100KHz (order specified)

(less than 0.1Hz treated as 0Hz)

Response time: 1s (0 ~90% F.S)

Output accuracy: + 0.1%F.S

Temperature drift: plus or minus 0.01% F.S / ℃

Insulation resistance: 100 m or more Ω / 500 VDC

Insulation strength: input - output, 2000VAC/1min

Input - power supply, 2000VAC/1min

Output - power supply, 1000VAC/1min

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