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Harbin petrochemical damaged double flange liquid level tran

[project leader] xiao hongfei, the instrument maintenance technician in Harbin petrochemical plant.

[project content] the damaged part of the two flanged liquid level transmitter is mainly concentrated on the flange diaphragm, which is generally single side damage. Application characteristics of the intelligent double flange transmitter range is easy to modify, in combination with high and low voltage side of flange damage in the transmitter, dismantle the damaged flange, adopt different modifications range, can realize reuse of transmitter.

The practice shows that the single-flange liquid level transmitter is better than the traditional input liquid level in the actual application of the measuring vessel's liquid level. The main performance is in two aspects: one is the accuracy is higher, the measurement is more accurate. Second, the reliability is higher, the measuring part of the original input liquid level gauge is smaller, and the air conduction pressure is adopted in the capillary tube. When the water in the water is more, it will block the measuring department or enter into the capillary and cause the instrument failure. And the single flange liquid level transmitter capillary adopts the closed design, the silicon oil conduction pressure, the flange diaphragm is large, it will not be blocked.

[application effect and promotion prospect] in the past, the damaged double-flange liquid level meter can only be scrapped. Through the deep research in the structure and function of the instrument, can reuse of value was found, "unilateral bellows damaged double flange level transmitter can change the single flange into type level gauge measuring liquid level for the steel atmospheric vessels," damaged single flange into type level gauge can be changed to "differential pressure transmitter to measure low differential pressure or stress.


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