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McWin electric intelligent pressure transmitter bidding proj

     The seminar was held in the conference room on the second floor of the company.

The meeting to participate in the company project department, technology department, part of the regional manager, such as members, the members speak freely, respectively to the current ready to participate in bidding in the pharmaceutical, chemical, sewage treatment and so on several projects, the research focuses on analyzing a few peer enterprises bidding for a transmitter their technical advantage of the products, brand awareness; We how to use their products under the same technical performance based on price and service to satisfy the customer, the owner of success, regardless of the outcome, agree or serious to do all the work before bidding. The conference also unanimously approved the tender preparations for the remaining projects.

MaiDeSheng electric (China) co., LTD. Is a (USA MADSHEN INTERNATIONAL, INC.) joint ventures in China, the United States MADSHEN can be traced back to last century in 1938, the company headquarters is located in Newark, Delaware, after years of rapid development, the United States MADSHEN has with companies worldwide, the global sales and service branches and offices in several cities.

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