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The MCD intelligent pressure transmitter is sent to the Inne

    Sent to the end user in Inner Mongolia, east group, a group of intelligent pressure transmitter has gone forth, please contact the regional manager of tracking goods circulation, ensure that users can receive on time in the first time.


    The east group is in accordance with the collectivization of capital controls, the operation of industry specialization, market-oriented way to form a modern large-scale integrated energy chemical industry enterprise group, founded in 1985, is a joint-stock private enterprise. The group set up 13 subsidiaries to form four major sectors of coal, chemical, non-metal and real estate. The group has a total assets of 39.2 billion yuan and employs nearly 10,000 employees. At present, China is ranked 160th in the top 500 private enterprises, the 35th largest coal enterprise in China, the 18th in coal production in China, and the 3rd in the top 100 private enterprises in Inner Mongolia autonomous region. The group company was rated as the advanced unit of national spiritual civilization construction, and the civilized unit of Inner Mongolia autonomous region; It is one of the main enterprises of coal enterprise merger and reorganization in Inner Mongolia autonomous region, and the key enterprise of the "double one billion" project in the autonomous region is the key enterprise of ordos city.


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