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The advantages and functions of MADSHEN isolation security g

   The security fence occupies an important position in this system. Because of security gate at the time of design mainly between field devices and control room equipment, so whether the control room of the equipment in a state of what kind of, even if in fault state, it can also guarantee the security of a signal is passed out. Isolation type safety barrier is a type of safety barrier, its design and manufacture is able to meet the requirements of the Ann system, although smaller than the safety barrier of zener type safety barrier to expensive, but its performance is very good.

One: MDSB series isolation security grid adopts the way of tripartite segregation, which is not required by grounding line, which is very convenient in construction and design.

2: MDSB series can be used in danger zone, which can reduce the requirements of hazardous area meters. Because signal lines are not grounded, the signal can be interfered and improve the reliability of the system.

3: MDSB series isolation security fence has good signal processing power, capable of handling some signals of resistance, electric coupling and frequency.

4: MDSB series can output two signals, and the signal is isolated from each other. It can be used by two devices with the same signal source, and there will be no interference.

Not only that, the isolation security fence can also improve the safety and insulation of electrical appliances. Isolation type safety barrier with pressure limiting, current limiting and isolation measures, not only can prevent dangerous energy from the terminal into the dangerous site, improve the system of the explosion-proof performance, but also increase the anti-interference ability of the system, greatly improve the reliability of the system is running.


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