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China-kazakhstan energy cooperation has gradually entered in

Astana, China, July 5 (xinhua) -- China's energy cooperation is expanding into three areas

Author wang jinsheng wenlong jie gulimina

With "future energy" as the theme of expo 2017 astana special national pavilion day 5, local time in China, during which the "bilateral energy cooperation BBS" deliver the energy cooperation between the two countries together.

The day's meeting attracted about 300 delegates from the government and energy companies of the two governments. The representative pointed out that china-kazakhstan energy cooperation is moving from simple oil and gas and mineral development to three new areas, including oil and gas technology and equipment manufacturing, nuclear energy and new energy.

China and kazakhstan are close neighbors. One is the world's top energy consumer, and a major global energy resource. "Energy cooperation is an important part of china-kazakhstan pragmatic cooperation, which now accounts for 30 percent of china-kazakhstan trade." Jiang zengwei, head of China's trade promotion council, said.

Chinese oil company general manager BianDeZhi kazakhstan said kazakhstan-china oil and gas cooperation between the two countries in recent 20 years, already from the original oil and gas exploration and development, developed the chengji pipeline construction and operation, engineering and technical services, oil refining and sales in the integration of complete industrial chain. The quality of refined oil products jointly developed by China and kazakhstan has reached the euro 5 standard, effectively promoting the clean energy application in kazakhstan.

Over the past 10 years, china-kazakhstan nuclear energy cooperation has not only guaranteed China's resources supply, but also promoted the upgrading of the nuclear fuel industry in kazakhstan. Among them, in December 2016, a joint venture between the two sides of nuclear fuel components factory construction, is known as China's "area" initiative and kazakhstan path to "light" new economic policy and docking landmark projects.

Huang Xiaofei CGNPC group news spokesman told reporters, the China news service, attaches great importance to clean energy such as nuclear power development, the country's first nuclear power plant is planning construction, its nuclear fuel supply priority will belong Yu Zaijian china-kazakhstan joint components factory. "This is the best example of how to align China's technological superiority with the resources of kazakhstan."

In response to global climate change, the world's energy to accelerate to develop in the direction of green, low carbon, energy production and use is a major change, adapt to the trend, China and kazakhstan in the field of new energy sources such as solar energy, wind power, photovoltaic cooperation also show some new atmosphere.

Liang zhipeng, deputy director of the new energy division of China's national energy administration, said China's energy consumption structure is undergoing positive changes. China's coal consumption has fallen by 7.4% in the past decade. Over the past five years, renewable energy consumption has grown by an average of 12 per cent a year. In the new energy sector, China is the world's largest producer of polysilicon, silicon wafers and photovoltaic cells.

He also said China is leading the world in hydropower, wind power and solar power, and is willing to share advanced experience with kazakhstan to reduce carbon emissions and promote alternative energy use.

Kazakh energy minister bazaoubayev agreed, hoping to use Chinese technology to boost the energy industry. Kazakhstan's energy "chief" said that kazakhstan's solar and wind energy resources could complement China's technology, and the two countries could have broad prospects for cooperation. (after)

(responsibility editor: wang wanying)

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