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MADSHEN's agent support policy


1. Price transfer:

Product cost performance is high, implement Chinese market special promotion price, dealer profit space is good.

2. Exclusive protection:

The project registration system is strict, one project only authorizes one dealer, exclusive protection is in place.

3. Technical support:

MADSHEN was responsible for product selection and assisted in the technical communication of the owner when necessary.

4. Advertising:

MADSHEN regularly promotes sales in national, professional magazines and on the Internet.

5. Timely delivery:

MADSHEN attaches great importance to the Chinese market. Therefore, compared with European manufacturers, MADSHEN products have relatively short delivery time. Better delivery time can increase the probability of winning.

6. After-sales support:

MADSHEN attaches importance to after-sales technical service.

7. Development space:

Good performance and good faith agents can be preferred as the exclusive agents in regional industries.

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