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MADSHEN product advantage

I. product advantages:

1. Quality: in the world, there are hundreds of millions of dollars in sales every year. The quality of products is well known around the world, and the American quality is trustworthy.

2, price: buy American MADSHEN products cost-effective, can save cost, which is a common feeling, customers not only provide first-class quality products, also can let the Chinese customers feel American MADSHEN economical, MADSHEN brand in China for a special promotion price, and are willing to make more contribution to China's industrial development.

3. Delivery date: MADSHEN has always been strictly trustworthy, and we have the ability to guarantee the most competitive and enforceable delivery date.

Ii. Function introduction of intelligent valve locator

1. Adaptive function: automatically find the zero and full of valve, optimize valve control parameters and improve the control precision

2. Configuration function: can set valve characteristic curve, action mode, dead zone, travel scope, cut-off value and event output

Self-diagnostic function: can display the input current value, upper/lower travel time, dead zone, predetermined value, etc

3. Fault mode: when the fault is in, the positioning device can select all open, complete, maintain, manual and other modes

4. Communication function: the communication function of HART protocol

5. Current feedback function: output 4~20mADC valve bit feedback signal

Three, characteristics

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