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MADSHEN sales policy

Sales: MADSHEN (MADSHEN) international company is MADSHEN Asia general agent, undertake foreign currency contract;

Shanghai jian time intelligent system co., LTD. Is the company of MADSHEN Asia general representative office in China, undertaking the RMB contract. The sales office is located in Shanghai, China.

Sales strategy: sales policy of distributor channel mainly based on project agent system.

MADSHEN has been maintaining the model of network sales of agency dealers in China, and has established long-term cooperative partnership with some dealers.

Target key terminal: medium and large, heavy industry, production enterprises, supporting enterprises

Target industry: heavy industry

LNG/natural gas/petroleum/chemical/power plant/metallurgical/color; Shipbuilding/offshore oilfields/coal chemical/paper/microelectronics/water treatment/polysilicon/mechanical etc.

Product market positioning: high - end market (imported isolated safety grid, isolator; Intelligent valve locator; Intelligent motor protector, etc.

Main types of products: isolation safety grid, isolator, power transmitter, intelligent motor protector; Intelligent valve locator, pressure transmitter, etc.

Marketing history:

From 2012 to 2014: completed the research of China's import signal processor and smart valve locator market. To establish the basic sales price of Chinese market and prepare the Chinese product information, try to popularize MADSHEN signal conditioning - safety grid, isolator and power transmitter.

In the second half of 2014: determine and start to implement the strategy and measures of China market development based on dealer sales.

Beginning in 2015: on the basis of the original signal modulator, a new pneumatic regulator valve product accessory - smart valve locator is introduced in the Chinese market.

In recent years, with the rapid development of Chinese industry, MADSHEN products have achieved a lot of achievements in China, and have received a good evaluation.

Company objective: to serve the Chinese industry sincerely and develop with Chinese industry.

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