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State electricity investment and huaneng group have been in


Recently learned that from a number of industry insiders, China's energy state between the merger restructuring, far more than the current on the horizon of shenhua group and guodian group, five big power group in the "young" national electric power investment group co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as the national electricity) is working with the largest electricity providers huaneng group contact restructuring.

"Because some of the information is not too good to be disclosed, it is still moving forward. Everybody wants to think together." In response to the restructuring of huaneng group, wang binghua, chairman of the state electricity investment board, responded to the paper at the 25th international nuclear engineering conference held on July 3. According to wang, there are too many market players in the power industry, the development of similar resources, the unreasonable allocation of resources and the impact on efficiency and efficiency of the whole industry. For the potential reshuffle of China's power industry, "the big drama is in the back, and it's changing." "Mr. Wang said.

For more than a decade, there has been a lot of talk about the restructuring of five big power groups. Since the second half of last year, there have been repeated reports of restructuring of coal, electricity and nuclear companies. In June, the world's largest coal miner shenhua group and one of the five major power generation guodian corp. 's listed companies on the same day suspension announcement (suspended), is considered by the industry related to coal longitudinal restructuring. According to the continuing suspension notice issued by the listed companies of shenhua and guodian on July 3, "the other party intends to be a large state-owned enterprise in the energy industry; The deal involves assets in the energy industry, and the asset range has not yet been finalized.

Two years ago, the state electricity investment group was born in another big restructuring of the power industry. In June 2015, the China power investment corporation and the national nuclear power technology company (hereinafter referred to as the national nuclear power) restructuring has formed the national electricity investment group, a span thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power, new energy and other fields of new energy giant, thereby. The company has A registered capital of 45 billion yuan, with A total assets of 876.1 billion yuan and A total workforce of 140,000, with seven a-shares and h-share listed companies.

Public information, the national electricity investment group total installed capacity of 117 million kilowatts of electricity, including: thermal power of 71.4569 million kw, 21.5967 million kw hydropower, nuclear power of 4.4752 million kw, solar power 7.1184 million kw, wind power 11.9822 million kw, and in all accounts for 42.9% of the total power installed capacity in clean energy. Annual generating capacity of 396.9 billion KWH, annual heating capacity is 155 million. It has a capacity of 80100,000 tons of coal, 2485 million tons of electrolytic aluminum and 331 kilometers of railway mileage.

National electricity for the biggest characteristic of different from other four power group is that it owns one of the three nuclear power "licence" in China, is in addition to the nuclear group, CGNPC operator of nuclear power development and construction, with the red river in liaoning, shandong haiyang, shandong rongcheng in luck or construction plans, as well as a number of coastal and inland site resources.

Huaneng group was founded in 1985. By the end of 2016, huaneng group ranked no.1 among the top five groups with 1002.8 billion yuan. By the end of 2016, and wholly owned and holding power plant installed capacity of 165.54 million kilowatts, coal to the electric main business development services, finance, science and technology research and development, the transportation industry begun to take shape.

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