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Questions answered frequently by MADSHEN traders

Answers are frequently asked by traders

1. Never sold MADSHEN products, worried about product quality, how to reduce these concerns?

American quality is world-renowned and trustworthy. The high quality of American products has been universally recognized by the world. MADSHEN's supply performance also proved the reliability of product quality. Therefore, the quality of MADSHEN products needn't worry too much.

2. Why does it say that distribution MADSHEN products can obtain satisfactory profit margins?

Compared with European products, this product has certain economic benefits, MADSHEN implements the Chinese market special promotion price, the product is cost-effective.

After the price of MADSHEN has been reasonably priced by the agent, its tender results show that most of the prices are competitive. Now many are the base price, the price advantage is the most powerful guarantee, so the agent MADSHEN products will be the agent to solve the price worries.

3. How much is the price advantage of MADSHEN products?

Compared with the European and American brands that entered the Chinese market several years earlier, the market price gap is about 10 to 25 percent.

4. Can MADSHEN products be sold? Good sell?

The sales of MADSHEN smart valve locator and signal processor in the Chinese market have been increasing at an average rate of about two percent. The good growth momentum and the supply performance can explain that MADSHEN products not only sell out, but also the outlook is favorable.

5. Why does MADSHEN have good protection for dealers?

MADSHEN carries on the agent sales strategy in China, not directly sells, does not have the situation that the manufacturer salesman and agent grabs the list. The agent is always worried about the protection of the manufacturers. In order to protect the agent's labor, MADSHEN takes the exclusive protection system of the project, and a project only works with one agent. Once the project is authorized, the project will be locked and will not be authorized by the second dealer. Good policies are carried out by specific people. This representative office within strict rules and regulations, regulating the behavior of employees, to ensure that the dealer support in place in time, reduced at factory workers neglect, support is not effective and cause negative effect of wrongdoing. The agent is the partner, protecting the partner's labor is equal to protecting his own interests.

What are the application conditions for MADSHEN agents?

The first competitive user relationship; Although there are many factors affecting the winning bid, the first key factor is the user relationship.

Second sufficient working capital for projects; Prepayment and payment of goods are the general collection method of imported products. The agent should have the ability to pay the full amount.

7. I want to apply for the U.S. MADSHEN recordation agent. What are the requirements?

Anyone who has the confidence and sincerity to promote MADSHEN products can apply. The specific procedures can be downloaded from MADSHEN website.

8. After the agent fills out the application for project record, why not get the MADSHEN reply or project authorization?

The reason is that it does not meet the requirements of the project agent, for example

1) incomplete or untruthful submission of information, unauthenticated through 2) not signed "agent cooperation agreement", or not completed the registration formalities of alternate agent

3) in previous cooperation, there have been dishonest or violations of the cooperation agreement between agents

9. The dealer does not have the knowledge of professional products to communicate with the owner.

In general, when there are technical problems, MADSHEN Shanghai can be called on the spot. MADSHEN answers the questioner directly by telephone. Under special circumstances (large amount of items), MADSHEN may send a person to communicate with the owner if necessary. During the bidding phase, MADSHEN was responsible for providing technical information of the product.

10. What are the advantages of being a MADSHEN dealer?

1) can get MADSHEN price and product information service (MADSHEN is only for filing dealer quotation)

2) can get all kinds of information such as the project MADSHEN does not provide regularly

3) give priority to the authorization and other support of project agents.

11. What are the main products of MADSHEN in the United States?

The main products include intelligent valve locator, signal isolator, isolation type safety grid, electric power transmitter and so on.

12. What are the advantages of MADSHEN products in the United States?

Mainly for the industry: electricity, liquefied natural gas LNG, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgical and non-ferrous, pharmaceutical, papermaking, environmental protection, etc. For the same level of competition, the same function of MADSHEN product advantage is the performance price competitiveness is stronger.

The price is good: in the market promotion stage, the Chinese market in practice has a certain preferential price compared with the other families in the same class, and the delivery time is short.

13. How long is the delivery date of MADSHEN product?

Different products, different quantity, the delivery time is different, can not generalize, generally is the longest 4 weeks.

14. The dealer has no capital and can cooperate with MADSHEN.

No working capital will be able to work together unless the agent persuades the user to adopt a self-financing trade business.

I hope to receive authorization of MADSHEN project

After the filing of the record agent and the project agent, it can be authorized.

16. Why do we recommend that the dealer make a reasonable markup profit?

A stronger user relationship is also inseparable from price competition. It is an indisputable fact that the bottom price can be won. Only reasonable prices are possible. It is suggested that the distributor should increase the price rationally to ensure the success rate of the bid. Only the winning bid can pay back the upfront cost. If you only think about your own costs and profits, you're overpriced, which leads to the eventual failure of the bid, and the upfront investment may be in vain.

17. Is the payment method of MADSHEN for the agent negotiable?

The payment method is the company principle. It is not easy to discuss and accept any flexibility.

What is MADSHEN's institutional composition in China?

MADSHEN international is the general representative office of MADSHEN Asia and its office is located in Shanghai. Under the registration of RMB (Shanghai jian time intelligent systems co., LTD.) to accept RMB orders. MADSHEN international is also the liaison office of MADSHEN.

19. Why doesn't MADSHEN handle the retail business?

New project is a locator, safety barrier, the main form of isolator, and other products to enter the Chinese market, also is the main attack direction in the majority of imported industrial automation products, in addition to this, no energy to deal with scattered business place.

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